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Claudia Bluebell birthdate: 6 March 1976. Birth location Budapest, Hungary. Height 173 cm, weight 52 kg. eye colour Brown, hair colour Brunette, natural bust yes, orientation bisexual, ethnicity Hungarian.
Claudia Bluebell is a bisexual Hungarian adult film actress. She has appeared exclusively in productions by companies she and her boyfriend, Andrew Matis, jointly own: L’Amour Arts, Dark Cherub, XoXoBabes and Claudia Bluebell Entertainment. All of these companies are based in Budapest, and many of their productions have starred other well-known Hungarian porn stars such as Sandra Shine and Mia Dee. The films that they produce are known for their unusually high level of sophistication—they are some of the only adult films available that were filmed in 16:9 anamorphic widescreen format, and they are some of the very few Hungarian films in which the actresses speak Hungarian (translated by subtitles).
Growing up, Claudia took part in exchange student programs, which allowed her to live in the United States (South Carolina, in particular) for a semester, and in Berlin, Germany, also for a semester, before returning home to Budapest. In addition to her mothertongue, she is fluent in English and German.
From Claudia’s first appearance in an adult film in 2002, she appeared on screen only with other women, or in solo settings. She came to porn industry-wide acclaim with her first fully lesbian film, Eve’s Adventures, in 2003, which helped launch the international career of her co-star, Eve Angel. From 2003-2005, Claudia appeared in numerous other lesbian films, including Age of Amazons Episode I: The Sids, Princess of Passions, and Flowers of Love. In 2006, she added heterosexual works to her repetiore, including Desert Woman Warrior, Temple of Love, and Slaves of Lust.
She continues to reside in Budapest, though she tours frequently in other parts of Hungary, Germany, Austria and France, usually together with a number of actresses that have appeared in her company’s films. To